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What is MD5? How to Use?

MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is an encryption algorithm used to test data integrity. This algorithm produces a 128-bit output regardless of the size of the input, and the slightest bit change in the input it even causes the output to change completely.

One of the places where MD5 is most used is whether a data (file) is correctly transferred or changed. It is checking that it has not been changed. For example, ISO files downloaded from the internet often have MD5 hashes. It is given next to it. When you pass the downloaded data through the MD5 algorithm and compare it with the given hash If the results are the same, this data is complete and unchanged.

Another use of MD5 is in public-key encryption. Public-key encryption (asymmetric) compared to symmetric encryption Symmetric standard encryption even in public-key systems as it requires much more account power and time It is used (with asymmetric public key). The data is then passed through a hash like MD5, and this short hash value is originally It is encrypted with asymmetric encryption. In this way, a balance between performance and security is achieved.